The history of a fabric tells the history of a culture. Boro fabric (or Japanese indigo) is a handwoven hand-dyed fabric originally used by Japanese peasants, merchants and artisans from the 17th to19th century. Often patched with pieces of kasuri and kimono, boro represents a period when items were precious and few. Goods were made by hand and made to last, with a pride in one’s craft and an understanding that quality is created over time. To us, boro fabric is a reminder of the values of originality, purpose, and quality we strive to uphold in each product we share with you.

Kiriko is an immersion of American and Japanese craftsmanship, a mix of traditional patterns and heritage fabrics, each with its own unique character. Every product is made, pressed, and packaged by hand in Portland, Oregon. We are committed to carry on this earnest dedication to craft in each piece we create. We hope you enjoy them and we appreciate that they are a part of your life.